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Mould laser welding machine

If you're into the production industry and looking for a remedy this is certainly accuracy that is high-tech, search no further than the Alien Machinery's Mould Laser Welding Device. This cutting-edge machine uses lasers to execute welding at a consistent level that is microscopic rendering it very accurate and efficient. Let’s explore the advantages, innovation, security, usage, how exactly to use, service, quality, and application associated with tool this is certainly great.


The Mould Laser Welding Machine by Machinerie extraterrestre has advantages that are numerous conventional welding methods. Its quicker, more exact, and has now a lower life expectancy area this is certainly heat-affected, and therefore it damages less for this material over the weld. It enables the welding of dissimilar metals, such as for example copper and metal, which may be tough to weld various other way. With this specific technology, manufacturers can weld thinner items of product, make more powerful joints, and produce more refined completed items.

Why choose Alien MachineryMould laser welding machine?

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Operating a Mould Laser Welding Machine requires knowledge that is skills that are technical. The method involves starting the parameters such as for example power, pulse period, and spot size when it comes to laser beam. Producer has included directions that are clear how best to navigate the control panel and set the parameters when it comes to task this is certainly specific. It is vital to follow the directions properly to have the best results and minimize the risk of harm to the welding elements.


The Mould Laser Welding Machine is durable and robust, but upkeep is paramount to help in keeping it running effortlessly. The producer provides after-sales that are exemplary, including on the internet and telephone assistance. The producer also provides training to completely make certain that operators realize the capabilities of this machine. Moreover, choose Machines extraterrestres machine à souder laser 1500w to simplify your workflow and save valuable time.


The Mould Laser Welding Machine is created utilizing the quality materials that are highest and created to withstand probably the many operations that are rigorous. The equipment undergoes testing this is certainly ensuring that is rigorous it meets the maker's requirements and complies with international quality standards.

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