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20W 30W 50W handheld laser marking machine for sale at low price

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Shandong China

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Packaging Details:

Our machines are packed in fumigation-free wooden crates. There are 3 layers of packaging in total. For the outside, we use fumigation-free wooden crates. In the middle, the machine is covered with foam to protect it from shaking. The inside of the machine is wrapped in a waterproof plastic bag.

Delivery Time:

15 Day

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TT/West Union/Payple/LC/Cash etc.

Supply Ability:

100 sets per month


Portable handheld laser marking machine with power 20W/30W/50W, integrated design, net weight 8.25kg. Easy to carry when going out. Marking can be done easily and casually in a variety of environments.

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The handheld laser marking machine is easy to carry and suitable for laser engraving that frequently changes working locations or processes large objects. Large mechanical parts can be laser marked in any direction. It can be used in large equipment manufacturing industries such as railway tracks, tires, train manufacturing, aircraft manufacturing, hydroelectric generators, wind turbines, steam turbines, engines, large bearings, shipbuilding, large molds, etc.

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Handheld laser marking machine

Machine material

Sandblasted anodized all-aluminum construction


Fiber laser generator has a service life of more than 100,000 hours

Laser wavelength


Marking speed


Cooling system

Normal temperature air cooling

Minimum line width


Repeat positioning accuracy


Marking range

75mm×75mm or 120×75mm (or customized)

Positioning mode

Red light indication

Number of lines of marking characters

Any row within the marking range

Production line speed

0~130m/min (depending on the material)

Multiple languages

English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, etc.

Power supply

Standard configuration: external power supply 220V/50HZ

Power consumption


Product Details

This handheld laser marking machine is designed with a built-in battery. The whole machine weighs 8.25kg, and its marking head is only 1.25kg. Ergonomically designed, comfortable to hold and easy to operate.

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Portable design, one machine for multiple uses. It adopts portable + desktop (optional) + flight design (optional). The performance is stable, the response speed is fast, and it is not prone to poisoning and downtime.

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