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Máquina de solda a laser 1500w

Get ready to be amazed by the revolutionary innovation in industrial applications of Alien Machinery and experience the innovation and reliability of Alien Machinery's 1500w laser welding machine.


Laser welding technology is merely a field this is certainly fast-developing is reshaping just how production and commercial operations are carried out. With all the emergence of newer and better technologies, welders can get cleaner, faster, and much more welds being accurate in the past. The Máquinas Alienígenas Máquina de solda a laser 1500w is an innovation this is certainly revolutionary is making a mark that is big this field. Involving the many benefits with this cutting-edge technology are increased effectiveness, dependability, flexibility, and security.

Why choose Alien Machinery1500w laser welding machine?

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The laser that is 1500W machine is used by an array of applications, including automotive, aerospace, and medical companies. This máquina de solda a laser 1500w is quite versatile that can be utilized for large and parts that can be small. It really is widely utilized in welding sheet steel for automobiles and airframes.

Passos para usar:

The laser that is device that is 1500W not hard to work, compliment of its user-friendly program. First, the work piece is place in the equipment, and after that the device's laser light is pointed to the product. The Máquina de solda a laser 1500w is then triggered, although the laser is fired in summary bursts prior to the desired weld is manufactured. This method is duplicated for each and every joint until a weld that is complete accomplished.


The 1500W laser welding machine is produced with all of the quality materials that are greatest and it is supported by a guarantee that is comprehensive. The equipamento de solda a laser was created to need upkeep this is certainly minimal assisting to make upkeep expenses cheaper. In case there is any pressing issues, you will find service workers provided to offer advice concerning the system.

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