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Small 200w 300w pulse laser cleaning machine price

Place of Origin:Shandong China
Brand Name:Alien Cleaner
Model Number:ALCM200/ALCM300
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Minimum Order Quantity:1
Price:USD 10700-16500
Packaging Details:Our machines are packed in fumigation-free wooden crates. There are 3 layers of packaging in total. For the outside, we use fumigation-free wooden crates. In the middle, the machine is covered with foam to protect it from shaking. The inside of the machine is wrapped in a waterproof plastic bag.
Delivery Time:15 Day
Payment Terms:TT/West Union/Payple/LC/Cash etc.
Supply Ability:100 sets per month


Pulse laser cleaning machine is a device that uses laser technology for surface cleaning. It can quickly clean off the paint, stains, rust, glue layer, oxide, etc. on the metal surface. No chemical waste is generated during the cleaning process and the surface of the raw material is not damaged.

Pulse laser cleaning machine (1)


1. Industrial cleaning: Quickly clean oil stains, coatings, oxides, etc. on the metal surface.

2. Protection of cultural relics: used to clean ancient cultural relics, statues, etc.

3. Automobile industry: Clean the paint and stains on the surface and parts of the automobile. Cleaning of tire rubber molds.

4. Aerospace: cleaning aviation parts, engine parts, etc.

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Laser Power200W300W
Pulse frequency range1-4000khz1-4000khz
Maximum pulse energy1.5mj/5mj1.5mj/5mj
Pulse Width2-500ns2-500ns
Delivery cable lengthFactory 5 metersFactory 5 meters
Laser wavelength1070nm1070nm
Cleaning headOwn brandOwn brand
Control SystemOwn brandOwn brand
Scan line diameter160mm/210mm/254mm/330mm/420mm(Optional)160mm/210mm/254mm/330mm/420mm(Optional)
Cooling systemAir coolingAir cooling
Energy consumption≤1100≤1100
Anti-reflective protectionHaveHave
Power Requirements220V220V
Ambient temperature range10-40 Degrees10-40 Degrees
Package dimensions950*740*570mm950*740*570mm
Gross weight85kg87kg


1. Non-contact cleaning

Pulse laser cleaning is a non-contact cleaning method that does not damage the substrate during the cleaning process and avoids scratches and wear on the surface of the parts.

2. High efficiency

The pulse laser cleaning machine can efficiently clean the surface of the object in a short time, with high cleaning efficiency and effective removal of dirt and coatings.

3. Wide application

Pulse laser cleaning machine can be applied to metal rust and oil removal, wood paint removal, glass glue removal, etc.

4. "Green" environmental protection

Compared with some chemical cleaning methods, pulsed laser cleaning does not require the use of chemical solvents and cleaning agents, which reduces environmental pollution and is a more environmentally friendly and energy-saving cleaning technology.