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Factory sell high power 1000w pulse laser cleaning machine

Place of Origin:Shandong China
Brand Name:Alien Cleaner
Model Number:ALCM1000
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Minimum Order Quantity:1
Price:USD 288999
Packaging Details:Our machines are packed in fumigation-free wooden crates. There are 3 layers of packaging in total. For the outside, we use fumigation-free wooden crates. In the middle, the machine is covered with foam to protect it from shaking. The inside of the machine is wrapped in a waterproof plastic bag.
Delivery Time:15 Day
Payment Terms:TT/West Union/Payple/LC/Cash etc.
Supply Ability:100 sets per month


This pulse laser cleaning machine adopts a water cooling system, which has a more compact heat dissipation structure, a smaller volume and is easy to carry. The machine adopts an integrated design, and the hand-held cleaning head conforms to ergonomics and is suitable for long term work.

1000w pulse laser cleaning machine (7)


Pulse laser cleaning machine can be used for ancient buildings, sculptures, stone monuments, auto parts, ships and aircraft surfaces, engine cleaning, oxides, grease and dirt on the surface of electronic components, etc.

1000w pulse laser cleaning machine (1)


Machine modelUnitsALCM1000
Output armor cable lengthm10
Average output powerW1000
Maximum pulse energymJ50
Frequency adjustable rangekHz10-1000
Full Power Frequency RangekHz10-1000
Pulse Widthns30-500
Output Power Instabilities%<5
Cooling method
water cooling
Supply voltageV220
Maximum power consumptionW4000
Supply currentA>20
Center wavelengthnm1064
Working temperature range0~40


1. Parameters can be adjusted

Customers can adjust the cleaning frequency, energy and power density, etc. according to their needs during use. To meet the cleaning of different types of materials and pollutants, it will be more flexible in use.

2. Precision and selectivity

Focused laser beams can be precisely directed to specific areas of interest for precise and selective cleaning. It is more advantageous to use laser to clean delicate or complex workpieces.

3.Environmental protection and no pollution

Laser cleaning is different from traditional cleaning methods. Pulse laser cleaning is a non-contact cleaning mode. The cleaning process will not pollute the environment, and will not cause damage to the substrate.